Mr Ian McDermott is a full time private Consultant Knee Surgeon in the London Sports Orthopaedics, which is based in the middle of The City of London.

He is an Honorary Professor Associate in the School of Sport & Education at Brunel University and was the youngest surgeon ever to be elected onto the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons, and has also sat on the Council of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine.

Mr McDermott is the Honorary Secretary of the UK Meniscal Study Group and has also been awarded the President's Medal of the British Association for Surgery of the Knee, for his research into meniscal repair.

Mr McDermott very regularly performs reconstructive surgery of the knee, both for sports injuries and also for arthritis. He has been recommending the GAME READY system regularly for his knee patients after procedures such as ACL reconstructions or knee replacements.

Mr McDermott states "I have seen marked improvements in my patients' post-operative recovery through use of the GAME READY system, with reduced swelling, reduced pain, a reduced requirement for painkillers, and faster and early recovery and rehab. 

I now routinely advise all my patients having intermediate or major knee surgery to use the GAME READY system after their operation, as I've seen it make a significant difference to early outcomes. Of all my many patients who have used the GAME READY kit, every time I ask I hear the same thing - that they think the kit is excellent and that it has really helped them, and that they'd certainly recommend it to others."

Mr Ian McDermott
Consultant Knee Surgeon
London Sports Orthopaedics

31 Old Broad Street (by Tower 42), London EC2N 1HT
Tel: 08445 617157 Intl: +44 207 4963597 Fax: 0207 4963596

Consultant Knee Surgeon Mr Ian McDermott of London Sports Orthopaedics reports the benefits of using Game Ready post operatively.

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